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Video Basic/Mainstream Classes

We have one of the best square dance callers and instructors in the US.  Mike Hoose conducts our classes and can teach multiple squares as easily as he can teach one!  

Sometimes you may just want to refresh your memory.  Sometime you miss a class and want to catch up before the next one.  These video mainstream classes will help you refresh your memory and gain a little confidence.

Nothing compares to our on-site classes but these classes may give you a boost of confidence

Square Dance calls for Basic/Mainstream class

Basic Program - Part A

1. Circle Left / Circle Right 
2. Forward and Back 
3. Dosado / Dosado to a Wave 
4. Swing 
5. Promenade Family 
   A. Couples (Full, 1/2, 3/4) 
   B. Single File Promenade 
   C. Wrong Way Promenade 
   D. Star Promenade 
6. Allemande Left 
7. Arm Turns 
8. Right and Left Grand Family 
   A. Right and Left Grand 
   B. Weave the Ring 
   C. Wrong Way Grand 
9. Left-Hand Star / Right-Hand Star 
10. Pass Thru 
11. Half Sashay Family 
   A. Half Sashay 
   B. Rollaway 
   C. Ladies In, Men Sashay 
12. Turn Back Family 
   A. U-Turn Back 
   B. Backtrack 
13. Separate Around 1 or 2 
   A. to a Line 
   B. and Come Into the Middle 
14. Split Two 
15. Courtesy Turn 
16. Ladies Chain Family 
   A. Two Ladies Chain (Reg. & 3/4) 
   B. Four Ladies Chain(Reg. & 3/4) 
   C. Chain Down the Line 
17. Do Paso 
18. Lead Right 
19. Veer Left / Veer Right 
20. Bend the Line 
21. Circulate Family 
   A. (Named Dancers) Circulate 
   B. Couples Circulate 
   C. All Eight Circulate 
   D. Single File Circulate 
   E. Split/Box Circulate 
22. Right and Left Thru 
23. Grand Square 
24. Star Thru 
25. Circle to a Line 
26. Walk Around the Corner 
27. See Saw 
28. Square Thru (1, 2, 3, 4) / Left Square Thru (1, 2, 3, 4) 
29. California Twirl 
30. Dive Thru 


Basic Program - Part B

31. Wheel Around 
32. Thar Family 
      A. Allemande Thar 
      B. Allemande Left to an Allemande Thar 
      C. Wrong Way Thar 
33. Shoot the Star / Shoot the Star Full Around 
34. Slip the Clutch 
35. Box the Gnat 
36. Trade Family 
      A. (Named Dancers) Trade 
      B. Couples Trade 
      C. Partner Trade 
37. Ocean Wave Family 
      A. Step to a Wave 
      B. Balance 
38. Alamo Style 
39. Swing Thru / Left Swing Thru 
40. Run / Cross Run 
41. Pass the Ocean 
42. Extend (From 1/4 Tag Only) 
43. Wheel and Deal 
44. Double Pass Thru 
45. First Couple Go Left/Right, Next Couple Go Left/Right 
46. Zoom 
47. Flutterwheel / Reverse Flutterwheel 
48. Sweep a Quarter 
49. Trade By 
50. Touch 1/4 
51. Ferris Wheel 

Mainstream Program

52. Cloverleaf 
53. Turn Thru 
54. Eight Chain Thru / Eight Chain 1, 2, 3, Etc. 
55. Pass to the Center 
56. Single Hinge / Couples Hinge 
57. Centers In 
58. Cast Off 3/4 
59. Spin the Top 
60. Walk and Dodge 
61. Slide Thru 
62. Fold / Cross Fold 
63. Dixie Style to an Ocean Wave 
64. Spin Chain Thru 
65. Tag the Line (In/Out/Left/Right) 
66. Half Tag 
67. Scoot Back 
68. Recycle (From a Wave Only)

Overview of Western Style Square Dancing in our area

Thanks for your interest in square dancing in the East Tennessee area. We are  part of an extended community of dancers consisting of four clubs in our immediate area.

The Claxton Country Squares club dances on the 1st and 4th Saturdays of most months, through the year, and we meet at the Claxton Community Center, located at 1071 Edgemoor Rd., Clinton, TN, just east of the Bull Run Steam Plant.

If you are new to Western Style Square Dancing, here are a few important details for your interest:

  • Most of the clubs in the area conduct weekly classes, usually starting in the month of September.

  • The first phase of lessons are devoted to the basic and mainstream calls.

  • The second phase of lessons are called the plus level, and become available for students who have completed the basic/mainstream phase.

  • Our Claxton club offers lessons on Monday nights, typical times are from 7:00 to 9:00 p.m. Lessons cost $6.00 per dancer per lesson, with package discounts available for families. We encourage each one, from young to old, to become a part of this family oriented program loaded with much fun and lots of health benefits.

  • The lessons are easy step by step instruction of the square dance moves.

  • Other area clubs hold dances regularly, some once a month, some twice. We visit each others clubs, so there are plenty of opportunities to dance and make friends.

  • Dances typically cost from $6 to $8 and normally last about 2 1/2 hours

  • Once you have learned the square dance moves, you are able to dance anywhere in the country. We have found square dancers to be a welcoming crowd everywhere, and we know you will feel right at home with this family.

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